Monday, October 20, 2008

Storytelling Meta-Post: Storytelling for African Clinics

The Inner Fright!
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Join us at the gothic sim of Caer Blanco for a charitable evening of storytelling and Inner Fright. The beneficiary will be a fund to build a new medical clinic in the African country of Lesotho, courtesy of the charity Partners for Others in Canada

October 23rd at 7pm SLT
~ Story-Telling Event On Grounds of the Monestary in Caer Blanco

Caer Blanco is a special sim, created specially for Halloween by some of Second Life’s top designers. There is a fully furnished haunted castle, a crooked cottage, a ghostly ship, and a ruined monastery to explore. There are also silent auction items avaialable and many special events planned. All this will raise funds for a small medical clinic in Lesotho, Southern Africa, through the charity Partners for Others.

YOUR HUMBLE NARRATOR has been asked to lead the group in a story-telling session whose theme is Inner Fright. I will tell 4-6 stories based upon the theme (depending on participation) and then I hope there will be enough hams stalwart tale spinners present to declaim upon the notion of what frightens them.

Come prepared to listen to several short-stories in this theme - and perhaps to share your own.
What scares YOU? Vampires? Spiders? The economy? Success? Evil Clown Armies? Pie?

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