Thursday, September 25, 2008


Greetings, travelers.

This is Scéal an Ghamhna Bhuí... which is "To Tell a Tall Tale" in the Irish Language. Consider it the Story Telling/Roleplay element of its parent publication, Hibernia on the Skids.

There have been many stories occurring here and there on these journals, my own Hibernia being no exception. Some of them have withered on the vine, some of them I have wished to get back to but find that the pace of life tends to keep me occupied with other items. By moving to a "Story Telling Journal", my goal is to keep things organized and running along various plot lines.

At the moment, there are a few plot threads ongoing, we will pursue them here.

  • The Steelhead Adventures: Silver Poison Cycle, in which Hotspur O'Toole plays a small but important part
  • The Exile of the Middlesea Fleet and rise of the Wrath Fleet taking up from the return of the battered Middlesea Fleet to the Departure of the Exiles .
  • Occasional Visits with the big Darien Mason story.
  • The Dark Secret of Pondicherry Castle, a webcomic, ongoing (2-3 episodes left)
  • Ongoing Caledonian Story, MI-5, the military, big events, invasions, etcetera
  • The Journey to Fusang, a very old thread that may be resurrected here, and also a webcomic.. already this is interwoven with the Silver Poison Cycle.
  • The Cosmic Threat, a sprawling epic story set in Antiquity, the Second Life Sailing Federation, Caledon and Artificial Isle, spearheaded by Zatzai Asturias.

(yes, color coding will be applied to subtitles, to help people follow)

Unlike Hibernia, I will be open to other writers posting here, if they have a wish to. I really don't anticipate it as a team contribution story journal, as in the High Tea and Adventure Society, rather a place for people to drop in "connector posts" to posts on their own journals.

Still here? Great! I hope we'll have something out soon!



Fuzzball Ortega said...

Very nice, it does tend to make it easier to follow your adventures, as opposed to a chapter of an adventure ending in a cliffhanger, then three or four posts of out of character elements. All of which are important, now there's a place for one and a place for the other.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

That is exactly my motivation.. Hibernia looks a tad schizophrenic at times, bouncing in and out of a narrative format. I'm hoping we can blend in elements from other blogs, too, if people want to post a paragraph transitioning material from elsewhere, that works for me.

Rhianon Jameson said...

I shall follow your adventures with interest, sir.

With hyperlinks, it's not so important whether the narrative is on a separate blog or merely organized in a way on the main blog that allows the reader interested in a particular narrative to follow it readily. But this one has such a different and distinctive look, which helps maintain the separation between narrative and commentary.

What I find utterly amazing is the number of people who can coordinate their various narrative threads. You, Sheriff Ortega, Mr. Eclipse, Dr. Mason, Miss Projects, Mr. Ash Mason, Frau Lowey, Baron Wufenbach, Dr. Alter, Mr. Quan, etc., etc. (and all those I've missed). Heck, I have enough trouble coordinating with myself on a single plot!